Research Assurances

Export Controls

Will you be shipping or electronically transmitting any article, material or supply, technical data out of the United States or collaborating with any foreign persons or entities or working with or be provided any export controlled items, information, material, or substance?

If you answered “yes,” please complete the following steps to determine if additional steps are necessary for Export Control compliance:

  1. Complete the WSU Export Controls Decision Tree
    • This link is to a decision tree adapted with permission from the Stanford Decision Tree for export controls. This material is adapted from the basic design and content of Stanford University’s Decision Tree. We appreciate Stanford in granting us to permission to adapt its content for Washington State University’s benefit.
    • If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the WSU Decision Tree, please contact the Export Controls Coordinator in the Office of Research Assurances.
    • Once you have completed the WSU Decision Tree, print your results and retain with your grant documents.
  2. If applicable, provide the Research Integrity Coordinator with the names of foreign individuals and/or agencies with which you will be working.
    • The Export Controls Coordinator will check the names of foreign individuals and agencies in the Visual Compliance Software to ensure that these individuals/agencies are not barred, banned, or prohibited from working with the US and its citizens.

Additional Export Control information is available at

For Export Control concerns, please contact:

Export Controls Coordinator
Office of Research Assurances
Phone: (509) 335-0039
Office of Research Assurances, P.O. Box 643005, Albrook rm 205, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-3005
Phone: 509-335-0039, Fax: 509-335-6410