Foreign visitor procedures

Essential steps when hosting international guests


Research efforts at Washington State University are a global endeavor. The University values the input of faculty, staff, and graduate students from around the world. As international collaborations continue to expand, scholars have the responsibility to ensure adherence to U.S. export control regulations.

Review required before visitors arrive

All visitors and guests from outside the U.S. who are not degree-seeking students should be reviewed prior to their arrival.

Before hosting visitors from outside the U.S.

Request a restricted party screening (RPS)

Federal export control regulations prohibit U.S. citizens from engaging with sanctioned or embargoed countries and also with foreign entities or individuals that have been placed on the restricted party list. An RPS is used to verify that a foreign collaborator is not a restricted party.

The University’s export control officer will perform an RPS upon request. Please provide the following information:

  • Visitor’s full name
  • Affiliated institution or business
  • City and country of residence

Check the list of embargoed countries

Is the individual/entity from Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, or Syria? In general, under comprehensive sanctions, all interactions and activities are prohibited.

Visit the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for current sanctions lists & country information.

Complete an export control review for research involvement

Is your visitor going to be involved with a WSU research project? If so, an export control review must be completed before the collaboration begins.

To request an RPS or export control review

Contact the export controls coordinator.